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Oneonta Job Corps Students, Staff, Supporters Celebrate 2nd Annual National Job Corps Commencement Day

Oneonta Job Corps Center joined all Job Corps centers across the country to celebrate the second annual National Job Corps Commencement Day on August 24, 2012, and to congratulate the Job Corps students who showed that "Job Corps Works" by completing the program this year.

Recent Job Corps graduates, employer partners, local policymakers, community leaders, family members, and many others recognized these students' achievements and the investment they made in their futures and our community.

"There are only two things that matter: discipline and love," said Congressman Christopher Gibson - District 20, the keynote speaker at Oneonta Job Corps Center's commencement ceremony. "You were here getting the discipline; just remember the love."

Local community members that have worked with Job Corps volunteers also joined the celebration to congratulate many of their student volunteers. Job Corps students and staff work with local community-based organizations and nonprofits, logging many hours of volunteer service every year. For example, Oneonta Job Corps students work with Opportunities for Otsego to provide needed services to the county.

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Page last updated: Friday, August 31, 2012