Center Life

A typical day at Oneonta Job Corps is full of activities to help our students prepare for the real world. Students get up early and spend the majority of their day receiving academic and hands-on career technical training.

After class, students study or hang out with friends before dinner in the cafeteria. After dinner, students may do chores in their dorms or spend their downtime studying. Most students are in bed by 10 PM in order to rest for the next day's tasks.


Our center provides a variety of recreational activities. Sports include basketball, softball, soccer, flag football, track, ping pong and volleyball. Students also enjoy playing pool, arts and crafts, dances, field trips, videos, weight lifting, aerobics, and table games.

Our center also has access to several parks. Students are often transported off center for recreational activities such as swimming, movies and plays.


Job Corps is committed to offering all students a safe and secure environment. That's why we have a Zero Tolerance Policy for violence and drugs. Any student who breaks this policy will be dismissed immediately from Job Corps.

We expect our students to obey the Student Rules (143 kb PDF file) at all times.

Note: The above PDF file(s) open in a new window and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to be viewed. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, you may go to Adobe's Web site to download it.

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Page last updated: Friday, December 07, 2012